Auto label photos

Photos are labeled with area they are taken Never label another photo

Many insurance carriers or third part administrators require you label your photos. This app labels your photos for you. Never try to figure out what area of the home you are at again. Your photos will be labeled so you know what the photo is off.

Share photos with others Let others have access to your photos!

Whether it be somebody else in your office, an adjuster or your customer, you can let them have access to your photos. They cannot delete them. They only have access to view them.

PDF report of photos and answers to questions. Create photo report

Photo report is created from all questions answered in app. If question is not answered or photographed, it will not appear on photo report. This report is fantastic for sales presentations, insurance supplements, and final inspections.

Save as much as you would like on your account Unlimited file storage

Take as many photos as you want. Your storage will NEVER run out. If you need to roll back to a job from years ago…no problem. No need to keep a backup of your photos. They are at your fingertips and backed up on a secondary server as well.

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